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          How to increase the trust of visitors to your site

            regardless of do what are is established in trust of based on of, construction Enterprise website more need trust, if you cannot let visitors believes you, so you by do of website optimization, and website promotion, aspects of efforts are is wasted of, trust is customer heart last a mark, dang customer on you of products meet Hou, also need elimination user heart of security concerns, such to smooth completed a pen sales, so you of Enterprise website required can let people produced enough of trust sense, If you no this aspects of experience, so Kai where Hefei network company taught you how established a let visitors trust of website:
          1, and website of first impression must to enough professional, while also to according to industry characteristics and target groups to design website, don't to so-called of professional put website design of cookie, looks is cottage version Sina, Sohu, if you is a entertainment of site, on don't put you of website design of too rigid! professional not representative rigid!
          2, and navigation required clear clear, Users most interested in content on the navigation columns, let visitors reach every corner of your site.
          3, and website content of writing, expression way as popularity, don't like wrote industry lecture, academic papers as let people wondering long also cannot understand which of mystery, also don't let you of website everywhere are full with advertising, visitors are on these already antipathy!
          4, and in you of website Shang placed third party power giant institutions of certification, like: paid treasure cooperation partners, Alibaba,, with name website of recognize, and don't flickers visitors, Not accredited you don't post a picture to your Web site, so-called certification must be verifiable and true.
          5, regular updates to your website content, making visitors feel your website is a living, are willing to visit your Web site every day, it is best to form a certain regularity, not regularly.
          Please ensure that a refund of 100% 6, if possible, in clear and specific instructions on the website to your refund and return policies.
          7, and for network Shang of various message, comments to timely response, solution, don't deliberately of delete on company has negative effect of information, such will let you of customer antipathy, thought you in escape problem! met such of topics to active of treats, showed that himself of attitude, position!
          8, and if you of products or service has offers flow, please description offers of reasons, or will let customer thought you sales of is substandards. For preferential time limit is removed, do not let customers see your website 365 days a year are held in the same promotions!
          9, carefully reviewing each page on your website, handle the title of website, large or small, must be found before your visitors questions, otherwise your professional will be greatly reduced.
          10, online exchanges for customers to feel he is in dealing with a group of real people, closer to the customer and the interval of enterprises.
          11, and if not trouble, also please put enterprise of contact way one by one column out, regardless of is QQ, phone, various mail remains Ali wangwang, and so on like of communication tool, this are is caters to you of customer of needs, in trouble also have do out!
          12, and don't in himself of website up down himself of competition opponents, if you wants to performance of than competition opponents stronger, best put himself of produced and service and competition opponents has a objective of compared, let customer to tell bad!


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