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          How to customize to the site right keywords

            how to customize the right keywords to the site! In search engine optimization, a Web site have access to almost all traffic is through keyword access, because you can see the choice of keywords is very important, so today mainly to introduce the website keywords, select techniques and some tips.
          first of all, a Web site must be in accordance with your site's main keyword (traffic is relatively high, competition a big word), the primary keyword selection can be based on relaxing their energy, if its energy is not enough, you can choose to have a certain keyword optimization of flow and little competition. Do has main keywords next will select times keywords, times keywords General put in content page to do, for the keywords flow than up main keywords to competition to small of more, and flow less, put in column page can makes website get additional of directed flow, with and increased website of flow, addition keywords of select not recommends with company of name as keywords, unless you of company has must of visibility can from get directed of customer flow.
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