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          How to optimize a website more keyword ranking

            classification keyword classification is that we have to do in the early stages of selection, we will on this page for a full range of refined and just create a template, then every link on the page, which will increase within the chain and correlation between them.
          II, and do keywords combination
          keywords of combination is in promotion in the of a important steps, main is in will keywords distribution of while for keywords of subdivision combination, more of using in some large website optimization Shang, will makes whole site for has is fine of of layout zhihou, then again will whole site related and has user General keywords of keywords for combination promotion, such can in intangible among increased website of related degrees, and whole station of authority degrees.
          three, and keywords and user experience for combination
          actually research keywords is SEM staff a problem, because many when are is in research heart, a compared success of SEM for SEO for compared than Xia are compared simple, but for just began learning SEO of friends for on exists must of differences, actually for keywords and user experience of combination zhiqian has mention has many times, that is don't to keywords optimization and optimization, Many friends in do keywords optimization of when whole site of title in the almost all are is keywords, although to last can upgrade website keywords of ranking, but hard from this a level transfer to Xia a level, many when effect you sold of factors on in you of title among, because they wants to understand of things is may you also provides, but you no in he into website zhiqian directly told each a a user. Best keywords is going to reach the user at any time search you can find you directly related industry products, so this time he might not want to know your product, may help to understand your company, this is the advantage of integrated marketing.
          four, keywords combination
          domain names and keyword combination is more than often we see each directory by using pinyin method optimized improves the search engine the recognition degree of phonetic, allowing search engines to directly through the website directory will be able to understand the purpose of the site.
          in we not is will do competition opponents analysis of when, has a is clever of method is respectively competition opponents of site of differences of, dang you prepared optimization of keywords of when, you through search engine of search understand you by selected of keywords are is belongs to which class of keywords, this class keywords has how many competition opponents, competition opponents is what type of site, these site is small site also is portal website, is independent site, also is two level directory or is two level page, According to the competitor's market segment.


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