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          Enterprise website construction should pay attention to what matters

            many small businesses built mostly in the early exploratory operations, some just a few pages describing, website information, technical content with little, together with design company in order to confuse and therefore, the site's role in operation is not obvious. So, enterprises should pay attention to what factors in the process of building a Web site, to allow the Web site to play a bigger role?
          1, and website content
          Browse Internet, we will found, most SMEs website column divided tends to consistent: company introduction, and products/service introduced, and contact way,, in layout design Shang also basically is upper and lower points bar, and around points bar, way, not using full enterprise features of graphics or text decorative website, website design no personality, if said such of website no made expected of effect does not for blame. This seems to be a pattern, design companies can use this as a template in most corporate websites, this relatively unimportant, the website content is more important. For example: when the products or services described in the Web site, whether standing in the customer perspective introduced? What customer care product? The extent to which products or services are introduced to address customer questions? Web site content have an affinity to quickly close the distance with customers? We said that the enterprises to establish their own Web site, apart from publicity and show themselves and more importantly how to generate profits for enterprises, through the Web site, so that more potential customers into real customers! Therefore, the design center suggestion intended to rebuild the site enterprises carefully consider the arrangement of the contents of the Web site, and you have the right to consult the design company, they have an obligation to explain your questions, assist you in planning the site again.
          /> 2, technical problems should first note is that we do not encourage enterprises in the greater technology content in the Web site. In fact, the most important is the extent to which the technology used by its intended function or function needs to for a website what kind of technology to achieve more cost-effective. And we are in contact with the enterprise, often encountered such a situation: the site uses advanced technology, of course, a huge amount of investment, while in fact it functions by other means, very low input can achieve! But do not know. We don't have to design the company's good or bad, we want to show is that companies in the construction of your website must be as much about the information, do more, and submitted to carefully review the website design. Here, the design center to remind you that website is not really a simple job, standing in the business plan, in terms of creating a functional site, inputs Web site features matching technology, explore carefully with the need and design your company or professional.
          should say, design issues, design problems is currently the site of the most common problems, reflected in the structure of the site, use of color, classified etc, in the layout design is basically up and down columns, left and right columns or any other means, will not use the Web site features rich graphics, or text decorations, Web design has no character. Therefore, carefully selecting a design strength of the company, is very important when you redesign the site. Interactive problem

          4, whether your website is achieving the interaction with the customer, in extent to achieve this functionality, it is worth your careful consideration, in our customer contact, and even some customers complain about: his mailbox has not yet received mail! After our inspection, is because the site setting issues relating to information submitted in the guest book! Of course, this interaction is still very rudimentary, a bit more advanced you can set your own BBS, answer customer questions, collect customer information. But with the decline of current network services, you can also create your own databases, such as customer information, product management databases, and so on, through the admin system, automatic site updates! New products can be posted to the site. The most important of these features is the enterprise Web site updates content, as well as focus website can really play a role!


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