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          Six reasons affecting Web page design

            with social development, websites have become the modern passion for the object of pursuit. However, building a kind of Web site to allow people like to watch, and can reach the search engine friendliness of it? Like if wants to makes website keep must of style, in website construction and page design of process in the must consider many factors, following on for everyone share points effect website construction page design of six a reasons:
          factors one of, and site structure of consistency
          we know, website of unity in website marketing in the accounted for important status, and website structure is website style unified of important means, including website layout, and text typesetting, and decorative sex elements appeared of location, and navigation of unified, and pictures of location and so on, To abroad famous of e-commerce website browse, you will found these website structure surprised of consistency, by different of is color or content, in structure of consistency in the, we to stressed website logo sex elements of consistency, that website or company name, and website or enterprise logo, and navigation and the auxiliary navigation of form and the location, and company contact information,, this way is currently website General used of structure, while reduced design, and development of workload, while more conducive to yihou of website maintenance and update.
          , special elements of consistency in the design of Web sites, individual elements with the features (such as signs, symbols, local design, etc) is repeated, also to impress visitors. Such as site structure changes at some point, from linear to circular, shades embellishment colors, complementary colors, and so on.
          ter, using uniform
          Navigation Navigation is an important part of the Web site, an excellent entrepreneurial characteristics of navigation will leave a deep impression, such as signs the form in the navigation, or navigation throughout the site, the layout, and so on and so on, spend your strength on the navigation, will design a great site.
          factor of four, using images we have
          images on a Web page must be in use and with much, especially animation, Web pages filled with all kinds of unnecessary animations and animation has nothing to do with the enterprise content! Carefully check the animation on a Web page, will be useless delete! Here we call the image, we have several animation must not be placed in the page! But a local image as part of site structure, according to the contents of a Web page, together with the corresponding image or animation, giving surfers formed page continuity.
          , color consistency is maintained site subject color's unanimous, change the local color, the advantage is a unique color website will leave a deep impression, because human vision more sensitive to colors than layout, memory formation in the brain more easily sign. Color consistency, we emphasize that if an enterprise has its own CI image, preferably in this image on the Internet, online and offline the same feeling to the audience, and more conducive to the establishment of corporate image. One suggestion is to select one or two main color, secondary color.
          factor of six, the use of background we have to
          on the Web-technically, Web page background color and a background image as a backdrop of two, generally speaking, we do not advocate the use of background images, or blocks of color with the background color. Reasons is obviously, first, download speed, back views of download speed ignored regardless of, and background image on have according to image byte size download has, here need description of is, if you of background image compared deep, so best will background color reset for deep tones (default of background color is white), such in waiting for browser download background pictures of when front of light text can is easy reading, because if has background color, browser first will its download, then download background pictures; second, displayed effect, Often see some websites with background images, or the company plant, Office building, or pictures, even pictures of characters, because the text is hard to read! Giving a very uncomfortable feeling, makes it difficult to stay in the city. This, reminded you note: effective using background made website unified and professional of method has following several:
          (1) awareness to is not all of pictures are can as background, in consider set website background image of Shi please you note;
          (2) strengthening and prospects of shade compared, that or desalination background, vaguely can see can, or deepened background, and will front of text bright of.


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