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          Enhance site optimization ranking to seize four key

            good website ranking optimization to enhance the site's influence and increase website traffic is very good. Here are some ways to improve website ranking optimization:
          1. quality website content.
          the website is for the user to see. Your site needs to do is appropriate for your users, real to provide users with a valuable resource.
          2. titles, descriptions and keywords
          site optimization Home, column page title (tilte) should highlight the site's core keywords. Description must be easy to understand, while Web site keywords a fair allocation. Keyword keyword role is relatively small, energy inputs should be less.
          3. chain and chain
          high ranking website optimization website optimization ranking is very helpful, you can try to find some. Website design link exchange not too much. Chain is also an important factor in making a Web site, you should try to make the website an article can be reached by multiple links. Website links should be enriched.
          4. website optimization, content update frequency
          website optimization, frequency of update of the content should be kept, so that we can have good effect.

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