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          TEL: 400-807-6757
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          Do Baidu optimization

            what is a Baidu optimization?  
          Baidu search engine optimization (Baidu SEO) is let website in search engine Baidu in the get better of ranking, improve website exposure rate, to won more potential customer of a network marketing (IM) way; is Baidu marketing (Baidu SEM) of a important part,
          that: in with network platform develop market, found more customer, let customer through network active found you, to completely break passive find customer of business concept, makes of profit ~
          Baidu Baidu optimization search engines when ranking site, not only to see the Web page related to the information, will also consider how the website's popularity, such as external links, how many, how high the page hits, and so on. So a informative website will row in front of the content-poor sites.
          the so-called search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization,SEO), that is, according to the characteristics of various search engines to retrieve, retrieves the principles of Web design for search engines (search engine friendly) to get indexed by search engines and ranked near the top of various activities. As for META tags based search engine, set effective in META tags keywords and site description for page content relevance of Spider-driven search engine, you can increase the keyword density in your page, or specifically designed an easy to retrieve page for search engines (such as sitemap.htm, Roberts.txt). Search engine optimization is one of the most common forms of search engine marketing.

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