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          TEL: 400-807-6757
          Contact us
          TEL: 400-807-6757
          E-MAIL: service@cnchumen.com

          SEM management tools

            leading of intelligent Optimization Platform
          China first SEM intelligent optimization system Dafeng found (CubeSearch), provides 7 * 24H automatic intelligent optimization service, completely replaced traditional of "human sea tactics"
          achieved across platform advertising put, will advertising put and monitoring effect combined
          achieved by time paragraph, and inventory, and products, and promotions, for more fine put
          independent intellectual property of algorithm
            Industry leading of 360 degrees intelligent extension Word algorithm, groundbreaking of achieved according to history keywords put data for intelligent extension Word
          independent intellectual property of IPF algorithm, world leading of data built die and forecast technology, established CPC, and CPA, and ROI, mathematics model for automatically bidding
          unique of according to phone volume, line Xia effect data for intelligent optimization of algorithm
          technology drive people machine one
          Dafeng found (CubeSearch) used SaaS schema and simple easy of user experience design
          elite of experts algorithm team and experience rich of SEM analysis team, for global well-known Enterprise provides high quality network marketing full service
          with Peking University established joint laboratory, common conquer industry various technology problem
          intelligent selected word, intelligent by deleting Word:
          using artificial intelligence technology, on history data for machine learning, To extend a high conversion rate of hot and long tail keywords;
          automated keyword metabolism, using statistical models for as many as 23 factors, intelligent to figure out which keywords need to be suspended or deleted, save valuable budget.


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