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          TEL: 400-807-6757
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          TEL: 400-807-6757
          E-MAIL: service@cnchumen.com


            integrity through primary functions "trust pass" is a member of Alibaba launched in March 2002, 10 domestic products.
          search optimization for the enterprise, intelligent e-commerce services such as business counselling;
          Alibaba network market, provide a station, prioritise, exclusive buyer's information-based network, such as trade in services;
          for you to establish credit file, credit inquiries and integrity protection and other services;
          provides exclusive services such as purchasing, logistics, loans.
          CTP members (Standard Edition) CTP members 3688/year (Standard Edition) is designed to help SMEs seize the opportunity in a complex economic environment, better winning opportunities, Alibaba is the introduction of e-services. Help domestic members are more intelligent, better business online.
          service including:
          based service: alone enjoy buyers; all supply products information ranking priority show right; Mong Kok Pu luxury version (dazzle Mong Kok Pu), and search optimization 2.0, and business staff 2.0
          integrity system: credit archives; credit query; integrity guarantees
          members statue enjoy: value-added service designed enjoy; value-added service offers discount (VIP procurement privileges); value-added service priority experience.


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